Meena (Devika), a young woman, escapes from the clutches of a womanizing Zamindar. She attempts suicide and is saved by an elderly couple, who adopt her. They wish her to wed their nephew (S. S. Rajendran) and the wedding is arranged. But, during the ceremony, another man (R. S. Manohar) shows up claiming Meena to be his wife. She is arrested for the attempted murder of the Zamindar. But, she say she doesn’t know him. Her adoptive brother (Muthuraman) and a friend (T. R. Ramachandran) try to solve the mystery. Meena runs away from the family to relieve them of the anguish she has caused them and they later find her as a stage/playback singer calling herself as Kausalya Devi. But Kausalya Devi claims she has never seen them before. How they resolve the mystery forms rest of the story.

Cast & Crew

S. S. Rajendran as Sekhar, Devika as Uma/Meena/Sumathi/Kausalya Devi (twin sisters, S. V. Sahasranamam as Thanikachalam, T. R. Ramachandran as Nithyanandham, R. S. Manohar as Gopal, Javert Seetharaman as Shivasankaran , Kamal Haasan as Ravi , T. R. Rajakumari as Parvathi


Language : Tamil

Director: G. R. Nathan

About the project