Vayanadan Thamban

The plot starts in a period set in early 19th century, in an ruined fortress of an old feudal warlord, Vayanadan Thamban who is in his fag end of his life. He resorts to devil worship and appeases the Devil- Karimuthey who appears before him. He requests him to provide everlasting youth. The devil grants his wish, on the condition that he must be appeased by offering 10 virgin girls at every specific interval of his life. Upon offering each virgin girl, the devil grants him nectar of youth, that can reverse his age back to youth and warns, failing to do so, he will absorb all energy of Thamban and his body shall be rotten. Based on his word, Karimuthey grants him the first glass of nectar, which makes him young.

Cast & Crew

Directed by A. Vincent
Produced by S Hariharan
Written by
A. Vincent
V. T. Nandakumar
Starring Kamal Haasan, Latha, Balan K Nair, Janardanan
KPAC Lalitha
Music by G. Devarajan
Cinematography Jayanan Vincent
Edited by T. R. Sekhar
Sreevigneswara Filims
Release date
14 September 1978

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