Gopalan gets caught in sandalwood smuggling, but escapes by blaming Varuthunni. The conflict between Varuthunni and Gopalan creates issues among the cane workers and most of them join hands with Varuthunni as he is an honest person. Workers decides to provide cane only to Varuthunni and not to Gopalan, which hurts Gopalan’s business and his equation with his boss. In the meantime, Annamma, seduces Ramu and they became intimate. Shattered, Ramu, unable to take a decision frantically goes in search of his father Varuthunni to save him from the death plot of Gopalan, but he is beaten to pulp by Gopalan’s gang. He traces his father, but before he is informed of the plot, Gopalan shoots Varuthunni, but the bullet hits Ramu as he jumps in front of his father to save him. Shattered, Varuthunni kills Gopalan and Ramu in his last moments requests his father to take care of his child, now carried by Annamma, and dies in the lap of his loving father Varuthunni shattering many dreams and hopes

Cast & Crew

Directed by I. V. Sasi
Produced by K. J. Joseph
Screenplay by Alleppey Sheriff
Story by Rajamani
Starring – Kamal Hasan, Madhu, Sheela, Seema
Music by Paravur Devarajan
Cinematography C. Ramachandra Menon
Edited by K. Narayanan
Production company – Cherupushpam Films
Distributed by Cherupushpam Films
Release date
10 November 1978

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